Posted by: blu.sparks | May 17, 2010

ready!? release….waaaaah!

this weekeand was such a blast! though i did not go home, i still enjoyed a new and thrilling experience here in boracay.

that is? the zipline!

though it started operating last march, i didn’t know its existence in the island until i saw it a week ago being featured on sports unlimited. at first i was kinda hesitant to try it because im uber afraid of heights. the mere thought of it would almost want me to vomit ang my knees would turn into jelly. however, due to my friend’s persistent encouragement, i finally let my guards down and just let go.

so here it is.

the adrenaline rush was something. though it was just under a minute, thrilling is such an understatement. for sure will do it again if time and budget permits. hehehe

***i know the pictures are too small, the camera is not mine. i was just thankful that the friends of my friend took pictures of me. live with it! 🙂


  1. Ayun oh. Pabora boracay na lang!

    Nakakaexcite! Nakaglasses pa naman ako. Pag may salamin ba, pinapatanggal bago mag zipline?

    • dapat tanggalin lahat ng nasa bulsa o pati eye glasses kasi baka mahulog. di mo na mahahanap dahil ang bagsak nun sa kakahuyan na..hehe

      yung tsinelas ko nga nakasabit sa rope.

      dito ang place of work ko sa boracay ax..kaya na eexcite ako pag may bago dito tulad ng nito..hehe

  2. Wow bakasyon engrande!

    • di at bakasyon na din..hehe

  3. wat da gusto ko rin masubukan yan!!!

    yan pala zipline na kinukwento saken..

    nakakainggit.. sabi na nagbakasyon ka na naman eh 😀

    • subukan mo jason..ang saya kaya..hehe
      di bakasyon ito..dito talaga ako nka base sa island..
      kaya habang dito, try na din ang lahat na pwede itry.

      • waw may sarili ka na palang villa jan. lol

        hahahaha kakaingget

  4. Kainggit haha

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