Posted by: blu.sparks | February 13, 2010

love sh*t.

walk with me. to a future with no assurance and promises.

hold my hand. for i might get lost.

stay with me. i can’t give you the world but i’ll make sure you’ll be happy.

laugh with me. that would ease every burden we’ll encounter.

happy heart’s day. 🙂


  1. wow sweet! kakainggit…napadaan lang po just to greet u a Happy Hearts Day!

    • thanks..hehe..balik lang po.

  2. happy hearts day blusparks!

    saan ang date? hehehe.

    Godbless. 😉

    • jan lang sa tabi-tabi..hehe
      ikaw saan ang date?
      happy heart’s day too.

  3. pdaan =)
    sweet nman!
    nice one 🙂

    • libre dumaan..balik lang po..hehe

  4. Happy Valentines day blu.sparks! Enjoy tomorrow!

    • mag enjoy ka din..saan ang date?

      • haha, walang date!

  5. excuse me. padaan. hehe

    happy valentines day.

    • daan lang po..balik po kayo..hehe

  6. ganda ng legs ni blu. at type ko yung sandals mo ha….anong secret ng diet mo?

    • gusto mo sayo na lang?hehe
      walang secret..kain ng kain para gaganda legs mo.

  7. naks,. maka bagbag damadaming HAPPY HEARTS DAY din sayo 🙂

    • ganun din sayo..hehe

  8. aws..hehehe…..happe valentines tito…
    LV ang bag…social.ehehe,

  9. masyadong sweet to ah… ahehehehe I love it!

  10. ang sweet naman.
    ang cute ng sandals nya..;)

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