Posted by: blu.sparks | September 20, 2009

many thanks.

the many years of my life were a mixture of good and not-so-good memories and experiences. there were failures but oftentimes it was dealt with acceptance and love from my parents and friends whose patience and presence never failed to shed some light and has always encouraged me to persevere and do things my way. they have always been and i know that they will always be behind me to give guidance and support for my future endeavors.

another year has eclipsed. full of memories and experiences which molded and will keep me educated and motivated for the rest of my life. though i’ve always striven for perfection in everything i do, i know my life will never be perfect for as cliche as it may seem, i am but human and imperfection is inevitable. maybe that is the essence of it all, being imperfect but still embraced by someone equally imperfect. then you become the perfect pair. complimenting each others imperfection as you traverse the bitter-sweet experiences life has to offer.

the future is bright however the way that leads to it is rough and tough. i may falter and fall yet i will stand up and move on for every trial may slow me down but never will stop me, especially i know that my God is my refuge and strength. this has been tested over and over again and never let me down.

special thanks to my family for always being there, supporting my not-so-popular decisions. your guidance and support will always be appreciated for i know that you guys will always be the refuge i’ll come home to whenever i have faltered.

thanks to my friends. you all know who you are. for listening and for all the advices you have all given me through these years. we are time tested and our bond will never be broken by petty quarrels and misunderstandings. you’ve shown me the true meaning of friendship where accepting each others fault is easier and forgiving is just a breeze. looking forward to many more years of great friendship ahead.

thanks to my special someone for her unwavering love and support though we’ve been tested time and time again. the future ahead of us is a bumpy ride full of trials that could test our love, however as long as we are together, we can never go wrong. just hold on tight and never let go, for i never will. looking forward to spending the rest of my happy life with you, my princess.

thanks to my God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us. though i’ve been quite busy this past year and a lot of times forgot to acknowledge and thank you, rest assured that i will do my best to give thanks to you as much as i could. thank you for giving me another year and i hope a lot of more years to come. i may live the life i wanted but its never complete unless i lift it all up to you.

for all its worth and for everything unappreciated, life has given me the memories and experiences fit to describe me the best mortal as i can ever be, until this day that i so proudly claim…

…this is my day! this is my birthday! 🙂



  1. “…for every trial may slow me down but never will stop me, especially i know that my God is my refuge and strength.”

    well said! agree!

    happy birthday. make sure lang na na enjoy mo ang araw na ito kasi espesyal di lang sayo kungdi sa lahat ng nagmamahal sa iyo!

    • woohoo.. pasabit sa base..hahah pati na rin sa inuman:)

      happy happy birthday po^^

      inuman naaaaa..hahah

      • oo nga! inuman ngayon hanggang umaga..

  2. damn mahn, base ako? whoa…!


    galing ko!


    hapi bodeys ulit

    • base ka!
      ang galing mo!
      dahil jan paiinumin kita..

  3. 2nd BASE! 🙂 wow! b-day mo?! hapi bday! enjoy life to the fullest! hehehe 🙂

    be safe and God Bless! 🙂

    • salamat ms pinkie.
      dapat enjoy talaga.

  4. kala ko naman eh nanalo ka na ng award…
    …or me upcoming surgery ka sa almuranas…

    …so ilan ang ka -date mo sa bday mo?

    • ganun ba nag dating post ko?

      wla naman po. nag iinarte lang.
      isa lang date ko syempre.

      • woot woot! saan ang happening? scandalous ba? 😛

  5. better late than never…



    • napakanta talag si fd..
      tnx tnx po

  6. hafi hafi bertdei…san pakaen? God bless ah..^,^

    • salamat po..
      walang celebration..

      • wla? abay !@#$%^&*

        hehe..joke lng..

        ingats plge….^_^

  7. hala belated happy bday po.. 😉

    • salamat po yhen.

  8. I already greeted you days before your big day…but ill say it again, happy bday tito….Even if you did not mention my name their on your thank you note, still I know you’re thankful because of me.ahahahha..pakapal..
    lets celebrate nalang know..weee…akon gift simo kay ang shirt mo nga nabilin. ok lang?ahhahaa….
    teh ihambal ko pa edad mo di?lols

    • hahaha..
      bistuhanay? paghipos..toink!
      salamat tito!
      lets celebrate somewhere..

  9. hala, hapi birthday pala…

    magpakanton naman po kayo.

    • salamat po father.
      favorite nyo po canton? cge ba.

  10. happy birthday (3 days late) hahaha.

    life is beautiful. Enjoy!

    • six days late na po.
      anyways, thanks pa rin..
      oo nga life is beautiful indeed!
      enjoy enjoy lang tayo.

  11. Uy, late na ako! 6 days late. Sorry! Belated Happy Happy Birthday!


    • Siguro dapat, Advanced Happy Birthday na ang entrada ko!

      • hehe
        6 days pa lang naman..
        pwede pa yun..
        salamat po.

  12. huwaw! birthday speech! ang ganda!! nainggit ako haha!
    bro! CHEERS!!!

    God Bless You!!

    • yan talaga cguro pag tumatanda na.
      may mga speech pang nalalaman.
      salamat parekoy.

  13. musta na jan. naapektohan ba ang blu house?

    • ok naman po..walang baha sa amin..nasa visayas naman kmi eh kaya safe ang blu house.
      salamat po.

  14. ang lalim lalim at ang bibigat ng statement mo kuya blu

    pabirthday post pala ito


    heheh happy birthday!!


  15. hey!!! happy birthday!! 😀 😀 it’s so easy to get caught up with the job or many other things in life but at the end of the day, we should never neglect the people who love us because they are the ones who stand by us, yea! you sound so contented and blissful… that’s an awesome feeling on your special day! yay. happy birthday! *for a sec when i read the first part of your entry, i thought you were getting married* heh

  16. bisita lang po! 🙂

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