Posted by: blu.sparks | September 7, 2009

my two cents worth.

Spending the whole day looking for a mere two centavos was my dilemma last Friday. This was pointed out by the keenest of the eyes by no less than the head of the audit team who scrutinized my report for the month of august.

So was it worth it? I was so stressed looking for that disbalance and disgruntled that that mere two centavos blemished my almost perfect report. The time it took and the stress it gave me was never worth it because the fact is that they could just have let it go, yet instead they let me revise my thirty four page report just for that two centavos. What a waste of time! What a waste of energy! What a waste of computer ink and paper!

I know they were just doing their work and that they have every right to be strict. However, whatever happened to being considerate? Or even just being a little bit humane as possible? I know I’m not perfect, but who is? For real, the amount of office supplies I have to use in revising my report is way more compared to those two centavos I failed to reflect in my now rubbish report.

What is even more frustrating is the fact that they (auditors) could have just easily written it off since it was nothing or immaterial compared to the millions of pesos of transactions I pump into the company’s account every month.


Written off!


And those were the three exact words they told me after. Huh?! Now tell me, don’t I have the right to get pissed off? This is insane! Office bureaucracy at its finest!

So what’s my two cents worth? Unbelievable stress and a lot more office work. Sad, so sad. 😦



  1. You know, sometimes, I can’t help but feel that we spend much of our time at work seeing to bureaucratic procedures that do not always make sense. πŸ™‚

    Totally understand how you felt. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Because that amount of time you spent looking for those small discrepancies could have been better spent on something else..

    Good news is – it’s done yay! And tomorrow’s a new day. πŸ™‚

    Keep at it pal!

    • very much frustrating indeed.
      thanks. i needed that.
      im better now.

      u didn’t leave any link.
      thanks for visiting.

  2. Wow – you reply fast! πŸ™‚

    Oh my site πŸ™‚

    Weird nick I know which I’ll explain in my next entry..

    Glad you’re feeling better! That’s working life and life in general I guess – sometimes we feel so f*cked up but the dark clouds pass and things don’t seem so bad anymore..

    Plus, we have other blessings, family and friends to keep us going…


    • yeah you’re right.

      there’s always something better in store for us. its just another challenge we have to surpass in order for us to be better.

      i’ve always been optimistic about life and i think that’s one important trait which keeps me going.
      and of course – our loved ones.

      cheers to you too!

  3. walang puwang dapat ang frustrations sa buhay.

    fill it with positive thoughts!

    • i know. i know.

      di lang maiwasan parekoy.
      bawi lang tayo sa next post.

  4. “revise my thirty four page report just for that two centavos”?????

    omg! what a big bulk of a job!

    nakakainis nga yang ganyan!

    ayoko ko rin ng ganyan.

    regards sa boss mo blu, hehe.

    • walang may gusto nyan father.
      kakainis talaga.

      cge ikamusta kita sa boss kong malupit.

  5. Yay, kakabasa ko pa lang kagabi ng Cebu artic at hindi pa ako nakakapag comment, meron na kaagad. Ang dami kong pending!

    • Awts, every two cents worth is important.

      But not so important in a financial report.

      Figures, figures, figures.

    • ok lang.
      no pressure to.

  6. @ax.
    ang lupit naman kasi ng auditors.
    pwede naman pala i-ignore ang discrepancy pero tinulyan pa rin ako.
    nakaka drain ng lakas.
    kelangan ko super powers!

    • Bibigyan kita ng superpowers.. gagamitin mo ba yun para tapusin ang mga auditors? haha. biro lang.

      Anong superpowers naman ang bagay para sa iyo? at ano ang itatawag sa iyo? Superfigure? Numberman? Hehe.

      • hahaha

        hwag naman taousin..bad yun..hehe
        gagawin ko lang sila walking numbers.

        Hwag mabahala. Nandito na si…..
        Numberman! Ang magbabalnse ng iyong report!

      • Yawts. Ikaw na si Numberman.

        Pag di ko alam ang sagot sa Trigo ko, ikaw ang tatawagin ko!

  7. wahahah. i know the feeling…. kainis yun!
    hehehe. apir!

    • hwag na sana maulit.
      sumakit ano ko dito!

  8. Thats the same thing I really feel about my company right now. No matter how hard you push yourself, even beyond the limits, they cant seem to find a good in you. I felt used and much more useless. I’m not that bad at all i know it, but the only thing i really wish from them is to know my worth. Not to use me on there personal gratification. God knows how much I hate this new account.

    • though how hard we try to work our ass off, still we cant please the company. now is there time because they have all the power but eventually ours will come soon and we’ll be gratified with all our efforts. hang in there.

  9. hoy, marami tayong mabibili sa 2 centavos noh. …tanong mo si ax. me mahabang sagot yan sa kahit ano….

    • baka an sa states marami kang mabibili, dito wala na.
      di na nga pinapansin sa kalye kahit 5 centavos eh.

  10. nyaks… haha… i am part of an audit team nung ako’y nasa pinas at hindi kami ganyan kalupet hehe…. haizzz wala siguro makitang butas ang auditor mo hahahaha…

    • yun nga eh.
      tinuluyan talaga kahit 2 cents lang.
      cguro para lang may ma-report sila.

      • di ata sila nakikinig sa prof nila sa auditing principles nung ang topic ay ang materiality level…. hihihi

  11. GraBE hirap ng ganyang traBaho, kaya di aq kumuha ng aCcounting nung c0llege aq eh. Du2guin aq. PROmiz!

    • hehehe
      di naman ako nagsisi.
      my times lang talaga sa work na may ganyang drama.

  12. Auditor ka rin ba parekoy? If yes, we are on the same boat. I know the feeling. Let the emotions burst and pag ok na ang lahat someday tatawanan na lang natin ang two cents moments natin sa mga reports natin! Cheer up!

  13. Naku parekoy,sorry mga auditors pala nagcause ng stress mo. Yup on my case dapat let go na ang amount na yun not unless in some accounts wherein sakto dapat ang figures.

    • auditor ka pala parekoy..
      nakow sana hwag masyadong strict ha?
      kung pwedeng i-let go hwag nang patulan.
      tunatawanan ko nanga lang ngayon eh.
      hwag na sana maulit.

      • Oo parekoy parang sa basketball lang yan let go situation na dapat yun at d na tintawagan pa ng FOUL! hehehe!

  14. yeah it sometimes happen, i really hate that feelings! πŸ™‚

    • kainis nga ms. pinkie..buti tapos na..hayz!

      • dapat nga tapusin nayan.. dapat happy! πŸ™‚

  15. isang bote lang ng redhorse ang katapat nyan! haha, o kaya naman eh isang caramel dark roast coffee jelly frapp, yong light lang tapos venti para sulit. hahaha. stay cool. kayang kaya mo yan. relax πŸ™‚

    • hahaha
      parang gusto ko na talaga mag caramel dark roast jelly frapp na venti..hehehe
      ok na ako tol..salamat.
      di na yan mauulit. πŸ™‚

  16. whew 34 pages report??? naku maloloka ko ng bonggang bongga! hehehe. πŸ˜€
    eto nga lang work handover ko ayaw na makipagcooperate nung isang secretary d2 parang gusto ko na sakalin. joke! hehehe. πŸ™‚

    stay cool! πŸ˜€

    • natapos na so back to my old self again..hehe
      eto naka smile na uli.

  17. Charge it to experience.

    Sometimes we have to experience something like that, something for you to realize that not all things are equal, hehehehe

    Take it constructively!

    Keep on going! πŸ™‚

    • salamat lady_latte.
      hmmm..parang mahilig ka rin sa kape ano?

      yep, i took it constructively after i realized it.
      experience na malupit.

      salamat sa pagbisita.
      you did not leave your link. πŸ™‚

  18. aw two cents..

    hmmm… sana ganyan din ang mga pilipino sa pag audit ng mga ginagastos ng pulitiko dito sa pinas.. hehehe

    • oh ha? may connect talaga sa pulitika.

      dapat nga sila ang tinutukan ng audit,
      hindi lang kami.
      nakow, kainis.

      • sige mag pass tayo ng bill para dyan.. hehehe

  19. dyan din ako natatawa sa mga auditors hehe uubusin ang maghapon para lang makita ng sentimo, hahays ubos aksya sa kuryente sa papel. siguro panahon na din para naman irevise nyu ang ruling haha pag below 10pesos ang kulang hayaan na lalo’t hindi naman madalas na ganun. magkagay nalang ng note sa ibaba.

    **unexplained,unaccounted. etc! lols! (pede ba un? ha?! ha?! ha?!) hindi ako accountant pero siguru naman tao din kau haha na marunong umintindi ng mga kulang..

    makasulat nga sa PICPA ahahaha!

  20. padaan ulit kuya blu. hehe. naki kuya pa ko? hahaha. πŸ˜‰

  21. hhhmm… Late ang c0mment ko, kainis din!

    Kainis nga talaga yung nangyari sayo..pero sure ako sa mga oras na to okay ka na diba? Heheh

    yaan m0, mag-aapply ak0ng secretary ng boss m0 at araw-araw ko syang bubuhusan ng kape! igaganti kita ng b0nggang-bonga..hahah

    wag ka na ma-sad a:)
    ingat lage..

  22. padaan po.. πŸ™‚

  23. parang ganun din ang nangyari sa akin in a distant past….noong nasa banking industry pa ako….kaya hayun nagpalit ako ng career….

  24. di mabubuuo ang piso kung kulang ng 2 cents..

    sa grocery:

    sinuklian ng tig 1 centavo si hamster
    hamster: wala po kayong tig 25 cents?
    clerk: kung meron po edi yun ang ibibigay ko.

  25. napadaan lang. ayun, umulan ng malakas kanina. ang lamig!

  26. hey, relax and see a movie (parang ad lang)

    have a break, have a kitkat (chocolate)

    basta, wag ka magpaka stress. it’s not worth it. at the end of the day, try to rest. epal talaga ang mga auditors minsan.sobra.

    k lang yan parekoy.breathe. :p

  27. natawa ako sa sarili ko kasi habang nagbabasa ako sabi ko…

    “ano ba kuya immaterial na yan”

    tapos nabasa ko sa huli may gano na palang nakasulat sa blog mo…

    pero alam mo, ganito ang kalakaran sa trabaho naten, kapag may dis balanse ka malamang may mali at na missed post ka, pano kung mayroon pang mas mali, kaya dapat tingnan ng maigi ang nilalagay na amount…

    alam mo ba na sa SM 1M immaterial pa rin sa kanila… FYI yan ha… (kasi naman maliit lang yun para sa taunang kita nila)

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