Posted by: blu.sparks | August 21, 2009

i say…

a lot have been going on with our lives and there are meaningful experiences we’ve gone through that have helped shape us to who we are right now. time and again these may come back to haunt us and almost suddenly realization sinks in and helps us cope with it. then, it becomes easier to get through.

life has its own way of making us realize these…

1. sometimes we feel depressed for no particular reason. i say, waking up on the other side of the bed have its consequences, really!

2. no matter how hard we work, our efforts still go unnoticed. i say, who are we kidding? office politics is grander than any teleserye.

3. do you believe in destiny? i say, i dont. yet sometimes people have their way of finding each other back for a stronger and lasting relationship.

4. life isΒ  a bitch, and we have to be a lot bitchier in order to survive.Β  i say, if bitching is the name of the game, then i’ll pass with a big fat ‘A’. lol!

5. work hard and play even harder. i say, indeed! its always healthy if there’s balance in all aspects of our life.

6. don’t allow the negative responses of others determine your value. i say, who are they to judge anyway? life is what we make it. rock on!

7. silence doesn’t always mean yes, it may also mean no but better left unsaid. i say, its not lying if you’re not telling. keep it shut. hehehe

8. anger doesnt always mean hatred, it could just be a means of coping up. i say, reverse psychology? i’m good at it.

9. staying away doesn’t always mean it’s the end, it may also mean the beginning. i say, move on. close that chapter and start a new one and leave the extra baggage behind.

10. before, sundays are always lazy. now its a lot meaningful and happier spending it with you. i say, its good to be in love..yeah baby!



  1. wow, BASE?!? hehe..

    • base nga! dahil jan may lcd tv ka.

      • ah, san kopo pwede i claim ung lcd?! hehe.. toinks!

  2. hahaha, yeah! its good to be inlove! =)

    • yes indeed!
      *pa cute mode*

  3. 1. yes sometimes lack of sleep make us cranky
    2. that’s why it’s easier not to work for merit…instead, work with a purpose
    3. “”No one falls in love by choice, it is by CHANCE. No one stays in love by chance, it is by WORK. And no one falls out of love by chance, it is by CHOICE”….”
    4. the only thing we can truly change is ourselves and how we view the world.
    5. this one i like. but then again, work before play
    6. rock on, indeed
    7. is this about silence, saying yes, or lying?
    8. the expression of anger is a coping mechanism…it also cues others how we feel and how to act around us
    9. don’t be sad that it’s over…be happy that it happened
    10. sinong tinutukoy mo?


    • wow..
      at may comment lahat ng items.
      thanks πŸ™‚

      sinong tinutukoy ko?
      syempwe ako.

      salamat sa pagbisita.
      balik-balik lng

  4. nice feeding thoughts here. love it.

    • thanks sa pagbisita.
      ur always welcome here.

  5. kuya mahina ako dito…

    “don’t allow the negative responses of others determine your value. i say, who are they to judge anyway? life is what we make it. rock on!”

    • bakit naman?
      kaya yan.
      hwag lang pansinin ang mga naninira sa paligid.

      pero kung minsan nakakaapekto naman talaga sila.
      hay, mga tao talaga.

      • kasi ano may down syndrome este
        inferiority complex ang hamster.

        ang hirap labanan..


  6. napangiti naman ako sa #10… inlab ang blu! πŸ™‚

    • ahaha..
      ganyan talaga ang buhay.
      ngayon may lablyp.

  7. 4. life is a bitch, and we have to be a lot bitchier in order to survive. i say, if bitching is the name of the game, then i’ll pass with a big fat β€˜A’. lol!

    hahaha.. ayos to ah? hehe. πŸ™‚
    To be a bitch or not to be a bitch, that is the question.

    uy in lab? hehe. πŸ™‚

    • hahaha!
      pati ako natawa sa sarili ko.

      yep yep.
      in lab nga.

  8. wheres the other side of my bed? isang side lang to ah! ha ha ha..
    inlove? tsk tsk tsk…I cant remember anymore when was my last time of being angry, its nice to live free of anger…oh! all we need is love..

    • inluv nga and u knw hu im refering to.

      oo nga.
      live free of anger and you’ll exude an aura of happiness.
      oha oha!

  9. > i feel depressed when the moon is full.

    > work, work, work. then play, play, play.

    > mahirap kalabanin ang destiny kung mag-isa ka lang.

    > life is a bitch, rape her.

    > go back to number 2.

    > it’ll only be ‘negative’ if we accept it negatively. πŸ™‚

    > keep it shut. keep it zip. you are not lying. you are just telling them a part of something.

    > true indeed.

    > no more i can add.

    > ow, i hate the day after sunday.

    magandang gabi po!

    • magandang gabi din po.
      may work ba?
      o gising lang talaga?

      • gising lang po! hehe. hindi na po ako pinapasok ng boss ko, wala lang. ayoko rin pumasok. pero, actually dapat may pasok! awts. ang gulo ko!

        matutulog na rin po mayamaya! hehe.

  10. malakas ka cguro sa boss mo..
    ako rin matutlog na.

    • sige po, ako rin matutulog na.

      blu.sparks na lang pala tawag ko sa’yo para di nakakalito! hehe.

      • ayos sakin yan.
        huwag na yung kuya.

      • blu.sparks!

        ayan, medyo nasasanay na ako! tulog po muna ako! kayo rin po!

  11. oo nga..oo nga

  12. agree for 1 and 8. added note to 8, minsan kasi yung galit may positive effect din e. after a while we realise na tao lang tayo and kelangan natin yun to release emotion.

    • oo nga.
      after we release our anger, ok na tayo ulit.
      coping mechanism ika nga.

  13. ayos ung mga realizations!

  14. kakot naman dun..

  15. agre ako sa number 5.. lagi ko gngw yan… hehe.. and im guilty of working and the same time playing… hehe…

    • ako guilty din.
      patago nga lang yung playing.

  16. pagdumadalaw ako sayo, para kong
    nag-reretreat or recollection:)

    after ko magbasa ng entry mo dami ko naiisip..heheh

    anyway, di ako naniniwala sa destiny..mas naniniwala
    ako sa choice ng tao..opinion lang naman:p

    • nakow baka ma bore kna nyan.
      masyado bang serious?

      at least may effect sau mga pinagsusulat ko.

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