Posted by: blu.sparks | August 1, 2009

a small tribute for cory.


i woke up this morning with a sad news, former president Cory Aquino died.

yes, i don’t know her personally but the media made it so that each one of us would have an idea who she was. i wasn’t present during the people power revolution as much as i was just a very young child back then, nontheless, that historic event made an impact not just to me but to all of our lives. it meant freedom to all of us filipinos.

for me she is a modern heroine who made yellow a very powerful color and most of all the epitome of the highest moral leader our country had ever known.

nothing more i could say but ‘thank you’.



  1. It was a total shock for me although it was already anticipated that she can’t stay any longer. I stood up as quickly as I could earlier this morning to open the TV and watch the news. It saddened me a lot in all honesty. I extend my condolences to her bereaved family and friends.

    • ur right bro. t’was my mom who broke the news to me early this morning. so sad.

      thanks for visiting my house.
      condolonces to us all.

  2. naiyak ako sa pagkamatay niya. she is a saint.

    • amen to that father felmar..ako rin
      so sad

  3. same here… i woke up with this sad news on tv. the entire filipino nation is really in deep mourning for the lost of a true icon of peace and democracy.

    may her good soul rest in peace in the loving arms of God!

    btw, thanks for peeking in my site! 🙂

    • salamat din..
      condolences to us all.

  4. ako din nagising na patay na pala siya. sure na she’ll rest in peace and love

  5. she’ll be in a better and happier place together with her husband.
    that’s way better.

  6. like what i’ve said sa ibang blogs, at least now she’s free from any physical pain na…and I’m sure magkasama na sila ng kanyang asawa

    …thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

    • ur welcome..salamat din.

      yup she’s in a happy place now..that’s better 🙂

  7. Bye tita cory. Now she will live in peace forever na. hu hu hu

    • yes yes tito.
      peaceful forever

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