Posted by: blu.sparks | July 24, 2009

awfully sick!

last week was the worst week i ever had in my already one year stay in kalibo. its so hard being sick especially when you’re far away from your abode and all alone contemplating about your life and everything else.

i just woke up chillin with a thermometer busting fever of 39.9 temperature. whew! i coudn’t even get out of bed to go to the clinic for check-up. good thing i still had a paracetamol which helped cooled down my fever. i immediately rushed to the doctor for check-up since im afraid i could be infected with the dreaded a(h1n1) virus.

to my relief it was bacterial infection which caused my throat to be inflammed which in return gave me a hard time swallowing food, even water. moreover, the prices of the medicines i had to buy were just so expensive which almost caused me to faint.ang mahal na pala ng mga anti-biotics ngayon, tagal ko na kasi d nagkakasakit eh.

i spent the rest of the day sleeping and updating my family about my condition. they are four hours away so they can’t visit me right then and there.

good thing expensive medicines really works fast that the day after, im already up on my feet ready to tackle the day’s job. but then again, i stopped myself from going to work, instead i slept and rested the whole day. baka mabinat at lalong makasama, that’s even worst.

hope you had better days. getting sick is just a no-no especially when you’re away from your family.



  1. pagaling ka po

    drink lots of lots of water..



    • yep yep..magaling na po..salamat 🙂

  2. aws tito..sorry to hear that, and good thing youre up and going na..ako gane gin kurog man last week…kalain kay ako pa ya ang nag bakal bulong nga ako na ang daw malipong…hu hu hu…in those times, grabe gid wish ko nga tane sa iloilo ako for nanay to take care of me…hay…working people na gid ta ya…pirme ka lang ginamasakit! hmmp! wala gahalong!

    • oi last week lang ko nagmasakit na grabe..pareho ta ako man nagpa clinic kag buy bulong nga ga kurog na gane..hay life! impt ayo na kita..

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